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A Social Media Made Fun! A Social Media Made Simple!
A Social Media Involved! A Social Media for a Cause!
Changing Lives One Text Club Alert at a Time 😉

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Take Club is made Simple and Straight to the Point.
Simply Sign up and Join the Club!
Start Playing and Winning Tomorrow!
Here… to make it easier for you, check out the next steps!
Sign Up and Join the Club!
Grab your Device and Download the Mobile App!
Need Help with the App?
Click Here!
After Downloading the App and Registering! You’re Good to Go!
Be Ready… because at any given time in the next 24 hours after sign up…
BAM! A Text Club Alert will come!
When you get the Text Alert. It will tell you an estimated time the Question will be available for all Text Club Members to Answer.
Log into your account after the Text Club Alert. Or should we say… log in to your account when “you think” the question will be available, based on the Text Alert.
Answer the Question. You must TYPE the Answer along with the Letter. Just as it appears in the Answers available to you. Do NOT just put the letter. Spelling Counts. Caps lock doesn’t.
Then hope you were Correct and the Fastest! Wait for us to contact you! Check on our Social Media, Because we post winners there! This way you are not waiting around!
Then do it again tomorrow!
If you didn’t win. Pick up the Pace! Tomorrow is another race!

International Launch

World’s first “global, mobile race” platform offers daily giveaways and more

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, SEPTEMBER 15, 2015, Text Club is exploding onto the scene as the latest social media network to announce its launch, and word around the industry is that not only will the new social media site be a major player in the world of social networking but that it will immediately become a standalone frontrunner for global social media users who crave a fresh, fun, exciting platform that offers challenges and incredible huge daily prizes with no strings attached.

Tips & Tricks!

Create a Unique Tone on your Device for Text Club Alerts! One that is different from the rest of your Alerts! This will allow you to just “know” to jump off your feet and hop on to go and answer the daily question! The more advantages you have… the easier it is to win!
Put your Text Club App on a repeat Notification Setting. This way the Daily Text Club Alert will alert you every couple of minutes or so! You can do this by changing the settings on your device! Why chance forgetting! If you are in the Middle of something, you don’t daydream off and forget that the Text Alert even came in!
It’s the smallest things that will keep you up ahead of the game!
Have Multiple Devices? Great! Download the app on as many as possible! Set your Notifications up to Alert you for all Text Club Alerts on each Device!
This way… if you’re not by one device… chances are you are near another and will hear the Text Club Alert come in!
Advantages and Strategy is what will put you ahead of the game! Think smart!
Make it a Competition between Friends, Family and Co-workers!
Our stats show that if you are up against people around you having fun and competing within a small circle, you are more likely to be faster on the Text Club Alert and Logging in than you are when you’re alone. So not just are you in a Global Race… but racing with friends, family and co-workers increases the likelihood of winning and makes Text Club that much more fun!

Example Questions!

How Do We Determine the Daily Question?
Here at Text Club, we worked extremely hard to develop a very complex system in order to determine what the Daily Question will be.
How the system works, is we just think of a Question.
That is our system. We’d love to say we programmed the most gnarly code there is to generate the master of disaster questions.
But we didn’t. We simple use our brains. It’s just… so much more fun that way.

In the Middle Of the Night
I was Walking in My _______.
A: Robe
B: Dreams
C: Sleep
D: Underwear
On, do they charge? If so, how Much?
A: Justin Boober
B: They Barter for Bananas
C: 11 Cents
D: It’s Free
I thought of this question while I was:
A: Practicing Karate
B: Buying a Monkey
C: Brushing My Teeth
D: Dancing with Grandma

Channing Tatum was an Actor in What?
A: Teletubbies
B: Dora the Explorer
C: Brokeback Mountain
D: Magic Mike
The Abbreviation “PS” Means What?
A: Politely Specifying
B: Post Scriptum
C: Premium Specification
D: Potato Soup
My Fiancées Dream is to meet who?
A: Ellen DeGeneres
B: Ellen DeGeneres
C: Ellen DeGeneres
D: Bruce Lee


How We Determine the Daily Question!
The Best Part Of Waking Up Is _____ In Your Cup!
A: Master Chef
B: Folgers
C: Great Value
D: A Stick of Butter Released what Video Game Demo for Gamers to Beta Test Free?
A: Hitman Mozambique
B: Hitmen Mozambique
C: Hitman Mozambiqe
D: Hitmen Mozambiqe
Who Got a Water Bottle Thrown at them while attempting To Sing on Stage?
A: Lady Goo Goo
B: Justin Bieber
C: Justin Boober
D: Lady GaGoo

The Prizes!

Text Club Gives Great Prizes to its Winners!
Flat Screen T.V’s, Tablets, Laptops, Gift Cards, Cell Phones, Vacations, Game Consoles, Instruments, Video Cameras…. And shoot… Prizes even include us paying your bills!
When it comes to the Prizes we give. Those are without a doubt, 1% of the prizes we give to the winners! Close your eyes and think of Electronics. Paid Vacations. No Bills. And more.
You will love each and every prize! No ifs, and or buts!
Click Here: Don’t forget to Take Part in the “Random Surprises!”
Why only 3-5 Winners a Day?
We have an easy for you! And it is very simple! The answer is: It just depends on how we feel that day. One day, we may wake up and want to pick 4 winners. One Day we could be eating chicken and decide in mid bit, that we want to pick 5 winners. One day we may be thinking who is going to be the first Celebrity to Punch Justin Boober in the face. And while being in that amazing haze and train of thought, we may decide to pick 3 winners that day. But… the 2 things you can count on… and be rest assured… There will never be less than 3 winners a day, and you will never NOT LIKE YOUR PRIZE!
Click Here: Don’t forget to Take Part in the “Random Surprises!”
Who Win What Prize?
The Fastest Text Club Member receives the Bigger Prize! They Deserve it!
1st Place Winner: HQ, HD, 1080P, 59’’x120’’ 3D Projector with Surround Sound.
2nd Place Winner: Xbox One Special Edition Bundle Pack with a Wireless HDMI port.
3RD Place Winner: Windows Tablet, with Case, Screen Protector and Bluetooth Keyboard.
4th Place Winner: $100 Amazon Gift Card to buy anything they want.
5th Place Winner: $50 Starbucks Gift Card so they can go enjoy their Victory with some fine Coffee!
Click Here: Don’t forget to Take Part in the “Random Surprises!”
Prizes are issued the Same Day! Or Very Next Day!
We Will Contact You Using 3 Methods! The Very Same Day!
#1: Via Text Message #2: Via Email #3: Via Phone Call
We Will Contact ALL Winners Using These THREE Methods!
So Be Alert Every day! If you are the fastest 30 days in a row, YOU WIN 30 DAYS IN A ROW!
There is NO LIMIT on how many times you can win! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE FAST!

About Text Club! Click Here! Read More!

A Daily Race

Social Media Made Fun. Social Media Made Simple.
And Social Media Created for a Cause.
While at the same time… being an enormous technological advancement and major addition to the Social Networking Community Worldwide.
Text Club is Simple.

Sign up. Play for 30 Days. Only $2.99. Race. Be Quick. Fast. Win. Every Day You Get One Text Club Alert. The Alert contains an approximate Time When the Question of the Day Will be Available to Answer.
You always have to be prepared, be quick and be faster than every other Text Club Member there is.
This is a Daily Competition. There are No Teams. The First 3-5 Members That Answer the Daily Question Correctly Win.
When You Least Expect it.

There is No Set Time. So Members must stay on their Game.
Text Club Members can be anywhere or doing anything. Working, Swimming, Eating or Dancing.
Then When they least Expect it. BAM.
They receive a Text Club Alert!
The Members May Have Seconds, Minutes or Hours until the question is made available to all Text Club Members. They need to use strategy and think fast.
Text Club Goes Above and Beyond.

We aren’t just a Social Network that Gives out Prizes. We aren’t Just a Social Network that Provides a Challenge. We aren’t Just a Social Network that provides something to look forward to every day.
Text Club Also Donates Every 30 Days.
We care about Having Fun, The World, Our Users and Changing Lives for the Better.
There is a Reason why we are Rated the #1 Social Network, The Fastest Growing Social Network and the Most Popular Social Network of 2015.

Text Club Donates!

Text Club News!

Text Club will always keep you informed with the latest news! We’ve been featured in Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, in Cinemark Theaters, on IMDB, Hollywire and more!
Stay Updated with our Latest News! You never know what we are going to offer next!